• Building maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing services

    Corporate Offices

    Integrated solutions for office buildings include corrective and preventive maintenance, groundskeeping, snow and ice control, and janitorial services.

  • Building systems maintenance and cleaning services for data centres

    Data Centres

    Data centre care is designed to prevent dust clinging to surfaces and static floors that can cause electric shocks and failure of sensitive electronics.

  • Building maintenance and cleaning services for distribution hubs

    Distribution Hubs

    Servicing distribution hubs includes maintaining floors, conveyors, warehouses and docking areas fully functional and free from dirt and debris.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing services for healthcare facilities

    Health Care Facilities

    We assist small and large facilities with cleaning and sanitizing to meet regulations and convey a welcoming, comfort, and safety environment.

  • Industrial cleaning services for manufacturing plants

    Manufacturing Plants

    Our industrial cleaning service encompases sweeping, washing and scrubbing floors, and sanding, grinding and scraping machinery.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing services for research facilities

    Research Facilities

    Research facilities are serviced by multidisciplinary workers and technicians to ensure all areas and equipment are cleaned and well-maintained.

  • Cleaning, renovations and retrofits services for education centres

    Education Centres

    We offer a wide range of cleaning services from classrooms to toilets and office areas within schools, colleges and educational centres.

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing services for microbiology labs

    Microbiology Labs

    Serving microbiology and similar facilities requires our HVAC, cleaning and sanitizing expertise to manage contamination and ambient environmental control.

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing services for medical centres

    Operating Rooms

    Surgical rooms demand highly controlled HVAC, cleaning and sterilizing levels. In order to maintain them, we assign skilled workers and technicians.

  • Building maintenance and cleaning services for sport facilities

    Sport Facilities

    We keep small and large indoor sport facilities fully functional and presentable by deliver high quality 24/7 maintenance and cleaning services.

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing medical equipment

    Medical Equipment

    Our process of cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment include technical protocols for disassembly, physical removal of organic material, and inspection.

  • Building maintenance and cleaning services for warehouses


    From cleaning of floors, walls, and shelves to maintaining the shelving, lighting, and HVAC systems, we take care of warehouse maintenance needs.

About Company

Since 1999, FMC Inc. has built esteemed and long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors. FMC provides reliable facilities support services. A well-maintained working environment that is conducive to your business operations is our top priority. Our team strives to better the ambiance of your building to ensure the satisfaction of its own occupants and clientele.

Facility Management

Facility management involves the designing, planning, coordinating and controlling of systematic functions, processes and activities to deliver operations and maintenance services efficiently. Our service strategy is to provide an effective response in order to support all your facilities’s needs for maintaining a safe workplace and managing costs and assets effectively.

Free IEQ Assessment

Call us to schedule your FREE indoor environment quality (IEQ) assessment. We will test surface and airborne contaminants using electronic diagnostic equipment and software. You will receive a full report on the findings and recommendations. Aside from having an effectively sound cleaning system, you’ll be making a smart business move by positioning your organization as a green company.

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