Our Approach

Established in 1999, Facilities Management of Canada Inc. focuses on premier solutions to support your facilities management strategies. Our offering includes the knowledge and expertise to integrate asset management, operations and maintenance services for office, commercial, industrial, medical, and institutional facilities. We can help you meet goals, drive action and improve efficiency by streamlining processes and technologies. Through open book accounting and CMMS/CAFM reporting systems, you will be able to monitor all of your operating and capital costs more effectively.

We believe that our first responsibility is to our clients and others who use our products and services, and to our employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers who contribute with their effort and commitement to delivering our products and services in a safe and timely manner.

We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing environmentally-friendly quality services in a safe and timely manner. We work with our clients in a collaborative consulting process to develop and implement a customized roadmap of service delivery. We follow best practices to make continuous improvements involving everyone—managers, workers, subcontractors and suppliers alike.

Our Management Team

FMC’s principals work intimately with operations, sales and management. We employ highly skilled professionals and technicians who proactively monitor your facilities’ needs and costs. We direct and compensate employees for making our clients happy, which results in innovative service and financial prosperity. We are committed to our staff and their well-being. We demonstrate this through the support of ongoing training and development initiatives, as well as through a culture which encourages work-life balance. This structure and personalized approach gives our services commitment, stability and accountability.

Our Subcontractors and Suppliers

A big part of our business success depends on the excellent relationships we have with our subcontractors and suppliers. Their specialized knowledge and hands-on skills help drive our commitment to delivering great project outcomes to our clients. To ensure due diligence compliance with OHS practices and contractual obligations, we have established an internal prequalification program for all of our subcontractors. This program allows us to mitigate safety risks at the clients’ job sites and support the subcontractors’ own safety and business continuity.

About Company

Since 1999, FMC Inc. has built esteemed and long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors. FMC provides reliable facilities support services. A well-maintained working environment that is conducive to your business operations is our top priority. Our team strives to better the ambiance of your building to ensure the satisfaction of its own occupants and clientele.

Facility Management

Facility management involves the designing, planning, coordinating and controlling of systematic functions, processes and activities to deliver operations and maintenance services efficiently. Our service strategy is to provide an effective response in order to support all your facilities’s needs for maintaining a safe workplace and managing costs and assets effectively.

Free IEQ Assessment

Call us to schedule your FREE indoor environment quality (IEQ) assessment. We will test surface and airborne contaminants using electronic diagnostic equipment and software. You will receive a full report on the findings and recommendations. Aside from having an effectively sound cleaning system, you’ll be making a smart business move by positioning your organization as a green company.

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